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Affiliate Program PPC Policy

PPC Policy
l Affiliates are not allowed to bid on any JustFashionNow Trademark. You are allowed specific TM+ terms as shown below. TM+words above+additional words are acceptable but only through EXACT MATCH when bidding.
l Paid keyword ads that bid on the terms relating to JustFashionNow (case-insensitive) are not allowed. Those forbidden paid terms include but are not limited to, JustFashionNow, Justfashionnow, or Any variations or misspellings are also prohibited. If we find any TM infringement during your promotion, the commissions you have generated will be withdrawn.
l You are strictly prohibited from using any advertising method that does not funnel to Justfashionnow sites such as wholesale and drop shipping.
l If we find any TM/TM+ violation or malicious fraud, commissions generated will not be paid. We will ask for compensation for serious consequences or losses caused by the violation..
l Popups and Click Unders, Adult, and Incentivized traffic is strictly prohibited. No commissions, leads, or payments will be given for such traffic.
l Affiliates are not allowed to use the display URL

Corresponding Measures
If we found that you have one of the prohibited actions mentioned above, corresponding actions will be taken as a punishment as follows:

1.For the first time: We will remind you to stop the actions by email and adjust your commission down to 0%. You need to stop the bidding as soon as possible and then inform us when the action has been completed. We will adjust your commission to normal after that.
2. For the second time: We will remind you again. In the meantime, We will have to cancel all the orders came from you in the passed 30 days.
3. For the third time: We will remind you again. In the meantime, we will have to cancel ALL the orders came from you in the passed 60 days.

4. For the fourth time: We have to suspend your account. Once your violation affects our business, we have the right to ask for redemption, the amount of which will always double of your promotion data in violation period.