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Vintage Dresses

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Vintage Dresses

Important Aspects to Consider When Buying Vintage Dresses

As your wedding day approaches, you must ensure that everything is ready for the big day. Unfortunately, things will not work out as planned. This is why you need to have a fallback option. Here are tips to help you buy beautiful vintage wedding dresses.

Where to a Get A Vintage Wedding Dress

A vintage shop of your choice, should guarantee you a wedding dress that cannot be easily found in magazines. Specialist boutiques, charity shops, or vintage clothing stores are some of the options you may want to consider.

Here, you will get fabulous vintage prom dresses that will make your wedding day look great.  We stock original vintage bridal fashion dresses that will make you happy. However, before you visit the store, ensure that you get your measurements right. Check your burst, your neck, your thigh, your waist, and hip measurements.  



The Condition

Obviously, you need vintage style dresses that are in a good condition. Luckily, almost all the vintage style wedding dresses have been worn once and so you can be sure that they will be in a perfect condition. Here, all the vintage dresses are regularly checked to eliminate imperfections.


It is common to find buttons missing on vintage dresses. Similarly, it is also common to find zips that are not functional, which need to be replaced. We check all our vintage dresses to ensure that they are in a good shape before we ship them. We ensure that the zips are functional, check in the armpit are to ensure that there are no marks. Generally, we ensure that they are restored to their former glory before we post them on our website.


It is true that body shapes have greatly changed over the past few decades. This is largely because of better feeding habits and programs. We no longer have to survive on rations as it used to be especially during war times.  

This means that most of the vintage dresses are quite small.Here, we are privileged to stock large size vintage wedding dresses that will serve your purpose. We have also made alterations to some of the vintage dresses we stock, so that they can fit modern women. Areas that we target are the neckline, the burst and the length. We check the length to ensure that you find a fitting wedding dress at our store.