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Sweater Dresses

Sweater Dresses

 Tips on How to Wear Sweater Dresses.

Wearing a sweater dress during winter months is a must. If you know how to style it, you will look pretty and smart. The dresses have a casual appearance, but will make you look fabulous when you style them up. Here are key tips on how to wear sweater dresses.

Belting them

If they are not belted at the waist, a sweater dress may look quite shapeless. When you cinch it at the waist, you create a contour that helps to define the silhouette. Cinching it with a wider belt, helps to create a balance.

Layer It

If the sweater dress is lose, consider wearing a more structured coat. You may also add details by trying to pop a collared shirt underneath the sweater dress.  

Wear It with Tights

Wearing tights with a looser fitting sweater dress will make you look great. Wear thick colored tights and add a pair of knee-high socks if you want to stay extra warm.

Wear Accessories

If you can glam up your sweater dress with a variety of opulent accessories, it will help you look fabulous. For instance, if you are wearing a red sweater dress, complimenting it with black drop earrings and golden necklaces, it will greatly style the dress. If wisely chosen, accessories can help update how you look.

Off The Shoulder

Wear an off-the shoulder sweater dress in the evening to help you look cool. You will look awesome if you pair it with a statement making drop earrings. Ensure that you choose an off- the shoulder dress that fits well and wear it with stiletto heels.

Wear Boots

If you want your sweater dress to improve your outlook, consider wearing it with a pair of boots. Oversized sweater dress can be worn with ankle boots to make you look stylish. Alternatively, you can pair them with knee high boots

Wear Contouring Shapewear Underneath

Wearing a sweater dress made of finer knit fabric and shapewear underneath will help you look fabulous. This outfit is well suited for all occasions.

Team It with Contrasting Textures

Whether you are wearing a red or a black sweater dress, it is important that you adorn some contrasting textures. For instance you can pair a wooly sweater dress with some sleek leather jacket.  Also, wearing high shine metallic accessories will complement the sweater dress.

All that said, it is important that you consider wearing a sweater dress that suits your body shape.  A sweater dress is certainly the best option you have for winter months.