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Shorts – 5 Ways to Wear High Waisted Shorts

High-waisted shorts are one of the most versatile outfits a woman can have in her closet. They are cool and can look great on anyone. Moreover, they are not only meant for tees and blouses; you can wear them in numerous ways and they are suitable for a wide range of styles.

Here are five of the best ways to wear your fashionable high-waisted shorts:

Beach Party

Party girls never go to the beach to relax. They go there to party. If you are a party girl, therefore, you need to dress the part. If you are planning to have drinks at the bar and don’t sunbathe at all, this should be your perfect look. Simply match your bikini top with a nice pair of high-waisted shorts and you’ll be ready even for an unexpected beach party.

Wedding Wear

If you have ever attended an outdoor summer wedding, then you certainly understand how torturous it can be to sit through a ceremony in the scorching sun, cursing yourself for wearing a tea-length floral outfit.

To save yourself the torture, simply wear a cool pair of shorts in a formal textile such as duchesse satin. This way, you’ll be certain of making it to the cocktail hour without the heat wearing you down.

Vintage High Waist

If you want a more classic look, consider going for retro and vintage. You can put on a pair of cotton high-waisted shorts paired with a classy belt. This should go with a blouse and a pair of good sandals. Complete the look with a pair of vintage sunglasses.

Office Appropriate

While shorts are not appropriate to wear to work, a shorts suit can be a great choice of outfit in a business casual environment during the hot seasons. It should be treated like any other professional suit. In so doing, you won’t be worried of sweating through your button up during your commute.

Cold Weather

Did you know that you can also wear shorts in chilly weather?

You just need some tights to match the shorts. Get a pair of nude and black tights with some cool thigh-socks to match. If it is not so cold, you can put on socks without the tights. This should go with a nice oversized cardigan for that striking winter look. Don’t forget to put on a beanie hat to complete the look.


If you don’t have some pairs of shorts, it is time to shop for them. You need to spice your life with these trendy ways of wearing high-waisted shorts.