Shirts & Blouses

Shirts & Blouses

Types of Shirts and Blouses

Many women do not truly understand just how easy it is to pull of blouses. Blouses are meant to be loose fitting, typically. We offer a wonderful collection of blouses that range in fabrics, colors, styles, and patterns. Our blouses feature the best parts of you as our styles are perfect for any occasion. Whether you need new tops for work or nicer tops for getting lunch with your friends, you will find a great selection here. Here are the different types of shirts and blouses for any occasion!

Blouses are perfect for any season because of the fact that they can be paired with other clothing. For example, if you are looking to wear a blouse to work you typically pair it was a cute blazer or sweater. Because of this loose-fitting upper garments ability to flatter almost anyone, many women enjoy pairing it with other pieces to ensure that their stylish needs are met and that there is harmony throughout the entire outfit.

The difference between shirts and blouses typically lies in the fact that shirts are made of different fabrics than a typical blouse. Blouses are sometimes made from silk or a synthetic fabric. Shirts are formed with a slightly heavier fabric like cotton. This is just our opinion but it is commonly followed.

Blouses are the perfect piece to make your outfit a touch fancier than if you were to just wear a normal shirt. Pencil skirts and heels are the best way to dress up any lovely blouse. To dress down a blouse, you can wear dark denim and a cute pair of stud earrings. This will turn your over the top fancy outfit to the perfect outfit for a semi-formal event.

Our blouses come in both long sleeve and short sleeve options. This is great for the various seasons. Long sleeve blouses are perfect for early spring when it is no quite warm enough to wear short sleeves but warm enough for a long sleeve blouse made out of synthetic materials. A long sleeve blouse will be comfortable and flattering. Choose a simple necklace and a light jacket to complete your look.

No matter what you choose, a shirt or a blouse, you will look fabulous and stylish when you pair it with the correct accessories and layers. Browse through our site and the many beautiful patterns that we offer in shirts and blouses.