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Tips to Buy Women Pants for Work

Traditional dress pants are one of the must-haves in every working woman’s wardrobe. However, shopping for these outfits can be an overwhelming experience. For that reason, we present you a few tips to help you get the right pants to wear to work and other professional events.

Choose the Right Fabric

Fabric is one of the things that should first cross your mind when choosing professional pants. Clingy, light weight fabrics are not a good choice for office wear. You should instead go for pants that are made from a heavy fabric with a substantial feel. Be sure that the fabric has a good drape to it – it should skim your body and not hug it. Pants made of the following materials are a good choice for a professional environment:

· Rayon/cotton/ polyester blend

· Rayon/polyester/wool blend

Think About the Color

Color is another important factor to consider when buying pants for work. Neutral colors are an ideal choice. Reason being, they possess a polished, unfussy look and can blend in with any other shade in your closet. Classic black trousers are one of the best options for the office, but you also can’t go wrong with dove grey, charcoal, or brown pants.

Find the Right Fitting Pair

Fit cannot be ignored when choosing pants for work. To begin with, the waist should be comfortable – not too tight. For the hips and thighs, ensure that the pants graze your body, draping down to your legs. You should also consider the length of the heels of the shoes that you will often be wearing with the trousers. In fact, it’s advisable to wear your office shoes when shopping to get the right length. Ensure that the pants’ legs are grazing the floor, but not dragging along it.  

Uphold Simplicity

You should go for a simple style to ensure that your dress pants look flattering and professional in the best way possible. Don’t make the mistake of going for pants that spot pleats at the front. Besides having an old look, these pants can also form an unsightly pouch at your tummy. Instead, go for pants with a flat front for a smooth, slim look. Likewise, avoid pants that have side entry pockets as they can make your hips appear larger. Back pockets should be your ideal choice if you really need pockets.


In order to look professional in the workplace, you need to have an elegant and flattering pair of pants. These tips will help you buy the ideal pants to wear to work or any other professional event.