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Solid Outerwear


Tips for Buying Quality Outerwear

It is a good idea to invest in outerwear as it will need to last you for an entire season and in some cases, multiple seasons. A poor quality coat can not only ruin your look but also ruin your chances of staying warm on your daily commute to work and school. Don’t worry, we offer our suggestions on how to choose the perfect outwear for you. Our coats are both stylish and are sure to keep you warm. We offer coats made out of a variety of fabrics including: fleece, wool, synthetic, and much more.

Our down coats have been some of our most popular options as they are light but still incredibly warm. It is best to net let your coat wear you and these coats certainly let you do all the wearing! What we mean by this is, make sure that you are picking the style coat perfect for your body type. Petite women looking for a trench coat should keep in mind that the coat should fit them snuggly so that it does not make them look shorter.

Lines that are distinct and clean will be the most flattering on any body type especially when it comes to outwear. Coats that have lines that are distinct will always draw attention, in a good way! For those who like artistic and detailed designs, you keep being bold! It has worked for you this long!

It is also important to consider pocket positioning. Pockets are important both to the look of the coat and to the person using it as they will need easy access to the pockets. For those who spend a great deal of time outdoors, you will find it beneficial to have multiple hidden inner pockets for your things. Fur coats and special occasion coats may not be entirely necessary as you will likely be carrying a purse.  You will want two separate coats- one for daily wear and one for special occasions. This is of course, if you are attending special events on a regular basis.

Having versatile outerwear is important. Remember that coats always cost more than other items in your wardrobe but this is because they will likely last you longer than the other items. If you choose the right coat, you should get quite a bit of use out of it before finding it necessary to purchase a new one.