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How to Choose the Right Kimono

Kimonos have become increasingly popular over the last few years. What is it about this Japanese piece that drives us crazy to find the perfect one? Is it the unique patterns and fabrics? Or is it the flowy vibe that it provides to your outfit no matter the season? We think it is all of the above!

We offer a great selection of kimonos as we know that they are some of the most flattering pieces on the market. This can seem overwhelming but do not fret! Our kimonos come in all shapes, sizes, patterns, and much more. Finding the right one for you is easier than you think!

Let’s say one day during the spring you throw on some jeans and a white tank. Feel that your outfit is too plain? The perfect remedy to this is a colorful or floral kimono. Adding a simple gold necklace along with strappy sandals and a few bangle bracelets and you’re good to go! With this type of outfit, it is best to choose a shorter to medium length kimono. This will give off that wonderful, “breath of fresh air” vibe to anyone you encounter that day.

Need a cover up to wear in the long car ride to the beach? Look no further. Our kimonos come in lengths that go as far down to the ground! Have that perfect bikini but can’t find a cover up to match? Try one our simple kimonos that will keep you comfortable in the car and on the beach when you are taking a break from the water. Pairing your bikini with a simple kimono and a pair of flip flops is already an adorable combination. If you wanted to accessorize even further (who wouldn’t want to?) you could add a floppy sun hat and a nice big pair of golden aviators. This will complete your perfect beach look!

Have a lovely sundress that you have been dying to wear but couldn’t find a good top to wear along with it? Our kimonos are perfect to wear with sundresses because they allow the sundress to shine through due to the sheer fabric of the kimono. Afraid that adding a kimono will give you a boxy shape? Throw on a belt around your waist. This will accentuate your waist more than the dress ever could and will also add a cute touch!