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Letter Crop Tops

Crop Tops

Types of Crop Tops to Match Different Body Shapes 

The crop top has been recently trending and has been everyone’s favorite including fashionists and celebs with cute crop tops all over the place. White crop top is commonly found in many wardrobes and some women like lace crop top.  But obviously there are those who are a bit wary of the crop tops because, just like every fashion, they feel like the average top crop does not actually do much for them. What comes to mind when trying one on is the styling, the cut and well – the tummy.

However, you don’t need to try on several crop tops to “arrive” at the perfect one. All you need to do is understand the kind of crop tops that matches your body type as well as what they can be worn with.

The following are some tips on the kind of crop tops to match which body shape:


If you are among those women endowed with a super curvy figure, you have an advantage because crop tops offer the best way to display your beautiful assets.

Go for a well-fitted crop top which is not too loose or too tight.  Choose one that fits well at your natural waist. This way, you will slim your waist more and highlight your curves.

In case you are tall, ensure that the body con dresses go below the knee to give you that longer look.  But if you are plumb, it is advisable to choose a skirt that hits above the knee.

Long and Slender

If you are long and slender, you should choose a crop top which ends at your natural waist along with a bottom that has a waist which ends a bit lower. You will compliment your already lean frame by showing 3 to 4 inches of your waist.

Inverted Triangle

If you have shoulders that are broader than your hips, halter tops are your best bet. They are ideal for women with this kind of frame as the diagonal straps will pull the eyes to the center of the neck.  Go for well fitted crop tops that are akin to the halter style. This style tends to minimize the waist and torso’s width, while accentuating your waist.

You should combine this with a full voluminous skirt that actually draws attention to your hips.


If you have a geometric figure you don’t need to worry about crop tops. You only need some definition in order to accentuate all that you have. A looser and longer crop combined with skinny jeans will actually amplify your bust plus hips. Choose high waist trousers or short as this will give your waist some much needed definition, making it appear teeny tiny.

Plus Size

If you are a plus size woman, you have no reason for not having crop tops in your wardrobe. So, go for a crop top that is short to mid length.  You can give definition to your waist when you combine it with a high waist skirt which has a straight cut.