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Cocktail Dresses

Five Style Tips for Cocktail Dresses

Any event or special occasion to which you are invited requires an outfit of a given style and normally the cocktail dress is the best choice. However, achieving a stunning look in a cocktail dress calls for more than just getting the perfect dress. You also need to get the styling right.

In that light, we present you five of the best styling tips for cocktail dresses. Read on.

1. Highlight Your Best Features

Many women tend to focus on how to hide their flaws. Instead of focusing on the negatives, you should concentrate on emphasizing your best assets. These can be your hips, neck, bust, or legs. Ensure that when you are wearing your cocktail dress, you are paying more attention to what you believe are your best features.

2. Show off Your Figure

The little black A-line dress can be a perfect choice of cocktail dress as it can significantly accentuate your body shape.  In fact, it can look great on a range of body shapes and manage to accentuate them. It can fit perfectly in your body shape and conceal some of the unsightly body parts such as the stomach.

3. Accessorize with Caution

When it comes to accessorizing cocktail dresses, you don’t have to use the conventional items such as earring and necklaces. Instead, you need to consider everything, including the scarves and shoes that you’re considering pairing it with.

4. The Length of the Dress

The length is another important consideration to keep in mind when choosing a cocktail dress. In fact, your height is the ultimate determinant of the kind of dress you should go for. For example, if you are looking for a dress that will make you look taller, then an empire waistline can be your perfect choice.

5. Wear it at Any Time

Gone are the days when you could wear a cocktail dress only to an evening party. Today, cocktail dresses can be worn to any formal function and even during the day. For example, you can wear your cocktail dress with a casual blazer or cardigan, and you’ll be able to achieve a less formal look.


Be it an evening party, a wedding reception, or any other special event, you need to wear a cocktail dress to look the part. And to get the best look, you will find these tips useful.