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Green Casual Tops

Casual Tops

Factors to Consider When Choosing Casual Tops

A nice fitting, attractive top inspires much confidence and comfort. There are some tops that are more suitable for casual wear while others make a better fashion statement at the office or as business casual tops.  When you know the difference between the two, buying the right casual tops becomes easier.   

Casual tops - whether casual short or casual long tops make your style more functional when compared with some trendy fashion tops that are rather complicated.

The good thing about women’s’ casual tops is that they offer flexibility, allowing you to create many outfits with various accessories including scarves, jewelry, trendy headbands, and handbags. They are also ideal for layering with cardigan sweaters vests plus other stylish tops. Casual tops basically provide you with a super-stylish but simple look - for incredibly less.

Choose the Proper Fabric

If you plan to wear a basic tee under a sweater or top, ensure that the fabric you choose is both light and comfortable. It will give you the maximum feeling of freedom. This is why you should go for tops in stretch materials for instance nylon, cotton-Lycra, which is also referred to as Spandex or Elastane, and microfiber.   

If you are going to wear the top alone with a bottom, you should take into consideration the plushness of your tummy. In case you have a full tummy, you may keep off the Buddha belly with a harder material. Jerseys are perfect on flatter mid-sections because they cling.

If you are the kind of person who loves rocking in see-through chiffon tops, then a fitted cotton camisole that is a little tight will look great under it.  If you are a fan of chiffon tops and dresses, you need to spend a small fortune on these.  

Fitted basic tank dresses are best if would like to cover up your underwear in a see-through dress. Alternatively, you can just go for a camisole and bottom shapewear separately.

Choose the Proper Neckline

You should ensure that the necklines you choose will make you feel good when wearing them.  It does not matter whether all your tops have a similar cut. In fact, the appropriate neckline for your upper body as well as chest can give you an amazing look.

V-neck is generally flattering; it is said to open up your face, as well as slim your check, and make your neck look not only slim, but elegant as well. The same trick can also be done by slim scoop-necks. But small and/or average busted women with small shoulder-line look great in slim scoop-necks.

In case you are small, the wider necklines are likely to make you somewhat shorter on top.  But there are a number of tricks that can counter this effect.

Get the Basics

You just can’t miss it with basic neutral colors for example black, whites and greys. These will match all color combinations and are great for layering your too low neckline tops and sweaters.