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Angora-blend Cardigans


Different Types Of Women Cardigans Fashion Styles

A cardigan is a type of outer layer clothing that is chic and also very comfortable to use. Its unique charm has enticed many women to include them in their wardrobes. Apart from making a person look gorgeous and chic, clothes are meant to protect the body from various erratic weather conditions such as the cold weather or the sun’s scorching heat which can damage your skin. The cardigan is the best choice.

Cardigan sweaters come in different types and shapes and it is important for you know the type that is ideal for you.  You can complement your appearance by choosing a cardigan that suits your taste from the following:  

Belted Cardigans Long Sleeve

Belted cardigans have a belt and most cardigans have a size that is long enough. When a belt is added to a long cardigan, it will really make you look more stylish and gorgeous. Belted cardigans are suitable for skinny women as it helps to shape the body and make it look fuller and elegant.

Patterned Cardigans

A patterned cardigan is a great choice if you want to have a more cheerful, fresh and fun appearance particularly if you begin to feel like a non-motif cardigan is more on the boring side. This type of cardigan goes well with plain clothes and will certainly give you a more attractive look.

Tunic Cardigans

Tunic cardigans are charming and can be wrapped around the body in various weather conditions.  They are cool when paired with a combination of tank top or boss t-shirt and worn with a sweet casual jeans skirt.

Colorfull Rainbow Cardigans

Initially, cardigans came in various neutral colors that tended to be dark.  However, with women becoming more and more interested in cardigan fashion, creative designers are designing cardigans with a range of colors that attract attention.  So, you can now find several types of cardigans you prefer in different colors – from neutral-colored cardigans to bright or even colorful ones.

Open Front Cardigans

Open cardigans are types of cardigans with an open front, without buttons or zipper. These types of cardigans generally are long, with some of them having an open layer on certain parts that make them look more beautiful and fashionable. They will give you a simple and casual look.   An open cardigan is ideal for use on different occasions both for day-to-day use, office use, business meetings, plus other semi-formal occasions. Alternatively you may buy a kimono cardigan.

Zipped Cardigans

These types of cardigans are similar to jackets because they have a zipper on the front that wraps and covers the body appropriately.  In fact, some of these cardigans have zippers attached right from the upper neck to the waist.  Zipped cardigans help to make your body become warmer especially if you select the material they are knitted from.