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Style Tips for Bodysuits in the market



It is a one-piece form of fitting garment that covers the crotch and torso. Body suits may have hooks or Velcro and could be worn as day or evening attires. It may be constructed from a variety of fabrics, including high end silks and cotton. Bodysuits come in many colours, patterns and designs. We have Black Bodysuit, white bodysuit and many more.


 Tips for Ideal Body Suits

What to wear with body suits. Whether you are planning to wear Lace Bodysuit or any other type of suit, consider buying the following.

· High Waist Skirt

When worn with a high waist body suit, it makes you feel more comfortable, than you would feel when wearing a denim jacket.


· Skinny Jeans

Wearing a Long Sleeve Bodysuit bodysuit with skinny jeans makes you feel alright. It gives you a versatile look and will keep you looking simple.


· Blazers

Pairing a body suit with a blazer will give you a professional look.



· High Waist Jeans

Wearing high waist jeans with body suits will make you look trendy. It is a simple wear that works for any occasion.  


· Denim Mini Skirt

Wearing a denim mini skirt with a thin bodysuit, will make you feel comfortable.




· A-Line Skirt

This is a special skirt that can be paired with bodysuits. The outfit can be worn when attending special occasions or events.


Options Available


A sheer mesh bodysuit features a lace design, padded sheer cups, an adjustable snap- button closure and an adjustable cami straps. It is made of 5% spandex and 95% polyester. It is hand washed and come in different sizes.


Basic Bodysuits


Ø Knit bodysuit- It features a round neckline, a dual snap-button closure and is short sleeved. It is made of 5% spandex, 33% rayon, and 62 % polyester. It can be washed using a machine and come in varying sizes.


Ø V- Neck Tee Bodysuit

It features a v neckline, a snap –button closure and a short cuff sleeves. It is 96 % rayon and 4% spandex. The suit is hand washed.


Ø Boat Neck Bodysuit


It is seamless stretch bodysuit that feature a scooped back, a boat neck and a snap button closure. It is machine washed and made of 4 % spandex and 96 % nylon.


Ø Ribbed Knit bodysuit

It is one of the oldest body suit crafted from ribbed knit and features long sleeves, a scoop neckline and a snap button closure. It is 7% spandex and 93% rayon.


Ø V-Neck Tee Bodysuit

It features a V-neckline a snap button closure and a short cuff sleeve. It is 4 % spandex and 96 % rayon.