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Beach Dresses

Beach Dresses

Beach Dresses 

There is nothing that is as romantic as a beach wedding. To make it even more special, you have to get everything right, including the fabric of your beach wedding dress!

While there is a vast range of fabrics one can choose from for a wedding dress, not all fabrics are good for beach weddings. Whereas some fabrics are too delicate or too warm for the occasion, others are just perfect.

For that reason, we present you a valuable guide to help you choose the most suitable fabric for your beach wedding dress.


Chermeuse is not only lightweight but also quite soft. This makes it an excellent fabric for a beach wedding dress. The fabric is very attractive with a glistening shine. However, it is quite clinging and prone to tear when wet. Therefore, you need to be careful not to get it wet in the sea.


Chiffon is among the most popular fabrics for beach weddings. Reason being, it is lightweight and resistant to wrinkle. You can steam this fabric without worrying about getting it damaged. What’s more, it can drape perfectly over any figure.


 This is a textured fabric that is made from more than one type of fibre. For instance, it can be a combination of nylon and polyester. The fabric is designed in a way that it looks wrinkled so that you won’t be bothered about having it ironed. However, it is far less soft compared to other fabrics.


Tulle is another fabric that enjoys massive popularity as far as the choice of beach wedding dresses is concerned. This is attributed largely to the fact that it is lightweight and fairly cheap. This fabric is also extremely poofy. This is probably the reason why it is the most preferred fabric for traditional wedding gowns. A tulle beach wedding dress will give you that royal look while still keeping it cool and casual.

Final Thoughts

Selecting a beach wedding dress that is appropriate for your special occasion is very important. You don’t want to ruin everything by choosing a dress that does not meet your expectations. That’s why you need this article. Also, remember to buy your dresses from reputable outlets such as Just Fashion Now, which is a one-stop shop for premium quality women outfits and accessories at competitive prices.